SAP Commerce Cloud (CCV2) – The Next Digital Business Solution

SAP Commerce Cloud (CCV2) – The Next Digital Business Solution

With the introduction of SAP CCV2 (Commerce Cloud V2), not only the name of ‘hybris’ squashed away, but also, a new direction is set for the commerce platform. After successfully implementing the first CCV2 migration project and having the second project in progress, we’re extremely excited to share some insights.

Being a certified Edge Partner with SAP, eProsoft has successfully managed SAP Open Environment and Moved to private cloud (CCV1) and now to Public cloud (CCV2).

Significantly differing from its predecessors. SAP has moved away from their proprietary SAP Infrastructure and made the new version available on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Sap Commerce Cloud (CCV2) is hosted in public cloud (Microsoft Azure) and is using Kubernetes for automating application deployment and scaling management. The database is Microsoft Azure SQL DB which is offered as a service from Azure cloud.

How does SAP Commerce Cloud integrate with other SAP solutions?

CCV2 comes with many integration options. SAP Cloud Platform Integration is offered for integrating with products like SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud. Also, the brand-new Cloud Platform Extension Framework (‘Kyma’) is offered as an integrated solution.

CCv2 is an exciting environment leveraging the latest technologies and integration features. It’s gives more control and flexibility than the previous deployment models. Through eProSoft, SAP Commerce Cloud v2 is the way forward!

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